April Critique Group, Rebecca Rendon

Yes, I’ve finally gotten around to photographing my stuff. The quality isn’t great, though, for which I apologize. I just thought that if I keep waiting until all the conditions are perfect for me to get these pictures done, then I would never share any of my work. Also, I have to admit that none of the following are finished pieces. As I mentioned previously, the last few months have been hard. So working in my studio hasn’t really been happening. Sad, I know. But I haven’t given up. I decided that if I waited until I had some really awesome finished pieces to show you, it would never happen. So I decided instead to post little snippets of different things I’ve been working on and different directions I’ve been exploring. Here is a random sampling of what is lying around my studio (sorry I don’t have dimensions, but everything is pretty small (no more than 15″ by 15″).

Photo Collages

Square collages (1-inch squares of watercolors)

Watercolor Collages

(I took this one on a dark table, so the brown on the edges isn’t supposed to be there, but I kind of like the contrast on the left side it offers. Maybe I’ll add another piece like that.)

In my work, I am trying focus on geometry, color, and texture to create beauty. The problem I run into is my work being “merely decorative.” I do want to imbue my work with meaning, but that is a challenge for me since I work with predominately abstract imagery. I’ve contemplated collaging in representational drawings, transfers, or watercolors, but I haven’t gotten it to work so far. I have recently added stitching as one of my collage elements. What do you think about it? Does it work at all? Also, I am trying to move towards making my paintings 3 dimensional (literally), but this is more difficult than I had anticipated because the supplies for that are hard to come by / work with. Do you think these pieces need more of a 3 dimensional element, or do they work fine as flat paintings? Any impressions, suggestions, or general comments will be appreciated. Sorry I don’t have anything really definite to show. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “April Critique Group, Rebecca Rendon

  1. First, congratulations on expecting another baby! Don’t worry about the delay with the blog. I understand completely that the first trimester can be a pain. I hope you’re feeling better. The third and tenth collages really caught my attention. I enjoy the stark contrast and texture with the third. I the tenth there is a part that I think is burned. I’m really intersted in what you’re technique was for that part. It has some really nice subtilties in it. Good Work.

  2. So I love the stitching because it adds more visual interest and a new texture/dimension. I’m intrigued by your desire to go 3D. What do you have in mind? I’m picturing a box-like shape that still hangs like a painting. I remember the work Sunny did a while back where she began to make sculpture-like paintings/collages that still hang from the wall. I am also remembering the frames you made for your BFA show… are you thinking of using the same sort of process?

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