Well, we have safely returned from our lovely trip south of the equator. It was a wonderful trip, especially for my little one.  She was the star of the show. She started some really cute habits while we were down there, too, like dancing to any kind of music (classical and church hymns included). Her favorite things were the dozens of feral dogs, cats, roosters, and pigs that roamed around the town. Whenever we went out she spent most of the time pointing with her mouth wide open at whatever animal she could see. It was very cute.

Sorry I have no pictures to post yet. There will be some coming (soon?). I also have dozens of projects dreamed up in my head, and some I’ve actually even started on. The biggest project right now just keeps getting bigger. I found out that a little sister is on the way, and we are excitedly anticipating her arrival in the coming months. Life is crazy here but lovely and full of joy, too. Thanks for hanging in there, dear reader. I hope you will find yourself rewarded for your patience.


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