June Critique Group: Sarah Lewis

Here are two more pieces from Sarah. She has been trying some new color combinations, and she would love some feedback on that or anything else. Thanks for contributing, Sarah, and for being patient with me while I was out of town.

Untitled, 2′ x 3′, oil on canvas

Untitled, 3′ x 2′, oil on canvas


6 thoughts on “June Critique Group: Sarah Lewis

  1. First of all, thank you Rebecca for doing this each month! And Sarah, I am impressed that you are able to produce multiple paintings each month. What is your schedule like, how often do you paint? As for your colors, I think they are bold but not loud. That is a good thing in my book. Are these finished or in progress?

    • Thanks for the comment Emily and sorry it’s taken so long to reply. As far as how often I paint. Recently, not as much as I would like. So…. I just found out I’m expecting twins and have been pretty sick lately. To say the least I havn’t been painting as much. However, before I got sick I would paint whenever I found time. Usually Evelyn was awake and I would let her play in my studio with toys while I painted. She loves it. Really just being flexible and finding motivation was the key for me. I was teaching private drawing classes to children and that was a big motivater for me so the kids could see the progress I was making. It also really helped to motivate them to see their teacher painting. Hope that answers your question! Oh, and the paintings are both finished.

  2. Sarah, these are interesting. I particularly like the colors in the first one. It’s great to see you working in a larger format, too. Are the brush strokes in the bottom half of the first one very visible, as in the picture, or is that just glare? If they are intentional, I think they add a lot to the piece, and make it more interesting. I would like to see a similar brushy, perhaps more impressionistic handling of the flower and tree. It would be nice to see the hard edges between the positive and negative space dissolve a little. This is happening a little with the tree painting, and I think it would help them feel more finished/cohesive if it happened more in both paintings.

    • That’s a really good idea Rebecca to soften some of the edges. I think I’ll try that. Thanks! The brush strokes in the first painting are really mostly the glare but I think adding some more texture would help the overall painting.

  3. Super huge congratulations on expecting twins! That will rock your world for sure. Keep us posted, that is big news!

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