What have I been up to?

You, dear faithful, patient reader, may be asking yourself that question, given my lack of activity on screen lately, but be assured that I have been living a very active, busy life off screen. Most of that activity revolves around my little angel girl, but I’ve also managed to carve out some real, hard-core studio time almost every day. That has been my biggest personal, non-mom (if there is such a thing, since everything seems to be related to motherhood) achievement. It’s nice to feel like I haven’t abandoned such a central part of my life just because I also happen to make and care for other people. I even set up a kind of studio arrangement that I’m quite satisfied with, and the work is flowing. Lest you feel a swell  of jealousy, here’s a shot of my studio space.

Humble, yet serviceable. It’s more geared toward art rather than crafts, but it all kind of runs together in the end. (I won’t go into details about all the random stuff I have lying around, but looking at this now, it’s kind of embarrassing.) I got the desk and the set of drawers at yard sales last week. Not too bad for $20.

In the art area I’ve been doing a lot of collages. I used a square punch to cut apart old watercolors and prints to try some Ellsworth Kelly–inspired pieces. It’s been really liberating to cannibalize some old pieces to make something new.

In the crafting department, I’ve been pretty busy to, just chugging along with a couple of works in progress. I even finished something (because I was giving it as a gift), but for every project I’m working on, there are at least 10 in my head that I want to start. Does anyone else know that feeling? It seems like I never have enough time, and all the projects I want to do are rather time-intensive (as my husband puts it, “if it’s not really hard, she won’t do it”).  Here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on (see if you can guess what it is).

The end is still a way off, but I hope to get it done before the end of the summer (fingers crossed) or at least before little sister comes along.  (Of course, I have some projects floating around in my head to welcome her with. I need to get on those, too.) Well, I plan to be making an appearance on screen more regularly, but I hope you will continue to be patient with me. Thanks.


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