After the Flood

Okay, so it wasn’t a full-blown natural disaster, and I am ever more grateful that I have never experienced an actual, mother-nature–induced flood, but I have to say that stepping on soggy carpet right next to where your expensive paper stash is stored on the floor is a rather unsettling experience to say the least. Let me explain. My studio room (slash my sister’s temporary bedroom) is located next to my baby’s room. We are in a basement. About halfway through my studio time last week, I went to grab something from my dumb-waiter that serves as a supply rack, and noticed the aforementioned sogginess along the wall of my studio adjacent to my baby’s room. I went upstairs to inform my grandparents, and soon the recovery/repair effort was under way.

Unfortunately, the damage was not limited to my studio room. We soon discovered the source of the problem, a broken pipe had been pouring water into the window well of my baby’s room, and the water had come through the window, down the wall, and soaked 3/4ths of the carpet. The really bad news, however, was that my baby’s room was also serving as a storage room, and was packed half full along the wall of the offending window well with boxes of books, albums, and clothes, two cedar chests, a book case, an old TV, and various other odds and ends. As soon as we ascertained the extent of the leakage, we made a mad dash to empty the room of all its contents (which included at least a dozen water-logged boxes), and then dry out the room. This latter effort was an evolving process that began with trying to use towels to soak up the water; then we used a shop-vac to suck up the water; then we rented a carpet cleaner to suck up more water; then we lifted up the carpet and repeated the carpet cleaning on the padding; then removed the padding to dry in the garage; then we removed the carpet to dry on the driveway, which was followed by an arsenal of fans to dry out the cement in the room. (And, being in my third trimester, when I say “we,” I mean my dear grandparents, cousins, sister, and husband).

Four days later, things are starting to look a little better. My studio is back in working condition, and fortunately the water caused only minor damage to my supplies. We hope to get the padding and carpet put back down in the next few days, but until then, angel baby has been sleeping in our room again. We’re looking forward to a good night sleep.

In the meantime, I’ve kept busy with mothering, cleaning, cooking,  and working on what has turned out to be a monster of an embroidery project. Hopefully an update on that will be coming soon.


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