Mami Vacation

Sounds better to me than “recovery time” or “maternity leave.” Yes, the day I thought would never come actually did. One day past my due date, a new precious soul entered our family. Here she is, as beautiful as can be:

We are completely in love with this darling girl. I just thought I’d let you know that I’m taking a little time off to adjust to this new level of joy (and some small challenges) that I am experiencing as a mother of two adorable little girls.  Hope you understand, and I hope you’ll still be around when I decide to come back from vacation. Thanks for the support.

P.S. Maybe this is obvious, but “mami” is just “mommy” in Spanish, and you all know how I’m trying to practice my Spanish whenever I get a chance.


4 thoughts on “Mami Vacation

  1. Dear Rebecca. Whenever I have the opportunity to get on the internet I check your blog. I love it! Y la bebe es preciosa! Cuidate. Maria Elena.

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