New Year, Fresh Start

Okay, I know I’m a bit slow on the “new year, new things” thing; after all, we’ve been living in 2011 for almost 2 weeks now. But I was out of town and then totally out of it with a cold, so I’m just getting around to really setting down what I want to accomplish this year.

It’s kind of funny how at the beginning of each year I make a really long, long list, remember, I’m a list person) because a year seems like a really long time, plenty of time in which to achieve all my life goals to that point. But of course, in reality, a year flies by unnoticed, and some goals, however noble or lofty, get left by the wayside. For example, at the beginning of last year, I made grand plans of creating a 24-piece nacimiento (nativity) for my husband for Christmas. I figured if I only made a couple a month, I’d get it done no palem. Well, unfortunately planner+procrastinator < 24 nativity pieces (sorry if that doesn’t make sense, my memory of how to write inequalities is a little fuzzy).

That doesn’t mean my whole last year was unproductive. In fact, I managed to produce a whole beautiful little person last year—that’s big in my book. This last year, and probably all the years of my life, I have learned that regardless of plans, life just keeps on going. I’ve also realized that the important thing is that among all the lists and plans and daily minutiae to not lose sight of the big picture.

Anyways, the point of all this rambling is to say that I’ve been rethinking this little blog and my plans for it. In the beginning, I had visions of thousands of readers commenting all the time, sponsors paying me to advertise on my site, and companies sending me cool products to review. Over the last year, I haven’t been able to make that happen. For awhile it bothered me, but now I’ve come to terms with the fact that I just can’t blog the way I need to in order to garner a big following.

So I’m changing directions a bit, and (selfish as it may sound) I’ve decided to make the blog more me-focused rather than reader-focused (sorry, dear readers, can we still be friends?). What I mean is, instead of trying to think up some fabulous tutorial, or trying to get the perfect lighting for my pictures and stress over the editing and what-not, I’m just going to post more rough journal-style entries about what I’m doing, because I guess I’m more interested in recording what I’ve done and am doing than I am in churning out perfect tutorials (there are lots of great blogs out there that do this a lot better than me). So you’ll be seeing a lot more process and works-in-progress type posts, because the truth is, I start projects a lot more often than I finish them.

I just want to say thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll stick around. And  even though I may not be posting proper tutorials as often (or ever, we’ll see), I do hope you will still be inspired to create along with me.

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