Binding Books

Before I had little S (is this an acceptable way to give her some privacy? That would make my toddler little I, which might get confusing), I had a long long list of things I wanted to finish before her birth day, much longer than I expected to be able to complete. However, since little S took a lot longer to get here than I anticipated, I found myself checking more things off my list than I had thought possible.

A couple of these projects were some handmade books for some special people in my life. I made two journals, one for my brother, Justin, and one for my sister-in-law, María José. Both of them are serving proselyting missions for our church. My brother is in the Morristown, New Jersey Mission, and María José is serving in the Cali, Colombia Mission.

I also made a baby book for little S. I was so happy to have it finished before she was born, since it took me about 3 months to finish my first baby’s book. This is not a baby book in the cutesy, scrapbooky, ribbons and buttons sense you may be thinking of. This is simply a blank handmade book in which I write memories and milestones of my girls’ early years. Very minimalist, see:

(The one on top is the baby book—I still need to get a picture for that blank spot in the cover—and the one on bottom is the journal for María José; I had already sent my brother’s when I took these pictures.)

Don’t know what it is about it, but I love handmade books more than just about any other handmade thing. I love the way the high quality paper looks and feels,  I love the sewn end bands, and I love holding a newly finished book in my hand.

So nice.

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