Felt Food

I’ve seen examples of this all over, and I thought I would give it a go, since one of my toddler’s favorite pastimes is playing in her toy kitchen (it’s just a hand-me-down Fisher Price once, but someday I’ll make a cool remodeled one for her).

**Warning: Felt food is almost as addicting as real food.**

The very first thing I made was the egg, and it just snowballed from there. I ended up deciding that I must make a full meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (easier said than done).

Here’s breakfast:

My favorite part is definitely the bacon (also true with real bacon!):

I started on lunch but ran out of felt before I could make a full meal. I got this 100% wool felt from here about 8 months ago for another project that I have yet to finish, but I got more colors than I needed to at that time, so I used some of the superfluous colors to make my food.

Here’s what I have for lunch so far:

The apple pieces stick together with little rare earth magnets that I sewed into them where the seeds are.

I’m thinking I’ll make a sandwich for lunch and maybe a steak dinner with a baked potato. I’ve been thinking about doing some Ecuadorian foods, too (patacones? caldo de salchicha? not sure yet). We’ll see. One thing is sure: I see more felt food production in my future.


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