More Adventures in Sewing: Baby Booties

Last weekend I decided to be ambitious and attempt another sewing project.

I took this:

a lovely free pattern from here, and 2 hours to come up with these:

I made them for a friend who just had an adorable little baby boy. We were pregnant at the same time, and we went walking a together up until the week before I had my baby. She has a little boy who is friends with my daughter, and now my second daughter can hang out with his little brother. So yeah, I wanted these to be special. This is the first clothing item that I’ve ever made for someone else, and I was a little nervous (don’t laugh, this sewing thing really is a challenge for me!).

Well, the pattern was really nice to work with; it seemed really straightforward and I followed the directions exactly except for using a button and a loop of elastic for the closure. I loved how they turned out (mostly; of course there were a few things that I would change; it’s probably good that I don’t have to look at them every day and remember how one is slightly bigger than the other, or how the front seam is crooked, or the buttons aren’t exactly in the right place, etc., etc. ).

With each project I’m feeling a little better about what I’m doing and a little less like I’m trying to arm wrestle my machine to get it to do what I want. Maybe I’ll make a little pair for my own baby. These could easily look like little girl shoes with some pink lining and maybe a ribbon tie instead of a button. We’ll see.

I had to take it over last minute because I had a big thing to do the next day (more on that later, maybe). Improvised wrapping paper is always good, right?
Have a great weekend.

p.s. I linked this up here:

5 thoughts on “More Adventures in Sewing: Baby Booties

  1. These booties are adorable and the wrapping is heartwarmingly (is that a word?) charming! Well done!

    I understand your need to review and assess your work (I can be brutal on myself) but, I have to say, how can anything made with love not be perfect?

  2. I made these booties last night according to the pattern but don’t really like the button hole thing (especially since I was lazy and only cut slits and didn’t sew a buttonhole, but whatever). I really love you idea of the elastic loop and button instead. When did you attach the elastic loop in the pattern?

    • When you’re sewing the inside and outside piece of the bootie together, you sandwich in the little loop in between. It’s a little tricky, but it does make a nice quick closure. Good luck.

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