Well, I thought I might have a big, year-long project nearing completion this week, but as I started working on it this morning, I noticed this unwelcome surprise:

My little toddler had made her own corrections to my work, and oh, it made me want to cry. I should have known better than to leave scissors and cutables in her reach. Totally my fault, and I couldn’t be mad at her when she so cheerfully pointed to her work and said “cut, cut.” And I guess it could have been much worse.

But still, ughhh, this made me so frustrated! Any ideas for a nice solution?

3 thoughts on “Setbacks

  1. maybe you could put another layer of the same color green over top sort of like there’s more texture/depth to the tree. Good luck with fixing it, that’s so sad.

  2. The layer is a great idea, a shade lighter or darker will add to the depth feeling.
    I would say, though, if you do it in one tree you shall do it in the other…

  3. You could cut out some more and some intentional holes and put a different shade of green that you could do a running stitch around the holes. I might make your tree look more like a tree with different shades of green in the foliage. Or. you could cut some away where the nicks are and it will resemble the “fluffiness” of a tree.

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