Needle (Nuno) Felting

About a year ago I got some of this on a whim:

Nothing special, just some hanks of roving (think that’s the correct terminology).  Then, recently (like a month ago) I got some of these needles.

And then just a couple of weeks ago I got this bristly, scrub-brush looking thing, and it all came together.

So much fun. It was kind of therapeutic, just sitting there tap-tap tapping away, with the felt making a soft swooshing sound. It was a very satisfying little project, and it didn’t take much time at all to make these two little circles on a scrap of linen.

I’m already imaging all the possibilities with this medium, and I’m trying to work up the courage to try straight-up needle felting (i.e., 3-D objects). Right now I’m picturing several fabric baskets with needle-felted embellishments. How about you? Right now I’m thinking of a couple embellished fabric boxes. What would you make with needle felting? Any tips on needle or nuno felting?

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