Needle Felting, Take 2

Can you guess what I thought when I saw this stuff?

Nope. I was not thinking of some cute crochet pattern that I wanted to whip up over the weekend. Nor was I contemplating trying my hand at knitting, though I had recently found some very accessible tutorials here that looked temptingly simple to try.

No, I was thinking of how I could try stabbing bits of this repeatedly with a sharp, barbed needle to make some lovely little thing with it. You see, I found this yarn at JoAnns, and I was pleasantly surprised at the 100% Peruvian wool content and the lovely colors, since I had previously thought that they carried only a very limited selection of boring natural-fiber yarns.

What particularly intrigued me about this yarn was that there wasn’t really a visible ply (I hope that’s the right word). See:

It looked almost like really thin, rolled up strands of roving. I thought, “This stuff is perfect for needle felting.” So, with a slew of 40- and 50% off coupons, I bought a of couple skeins for a good price.

I could hardly wait to get tapping with my little needle. Here’s my first test swatch.

And here’s what the back looked like:

So quick and so fun. I’m not really sure where to go from here, but I don’t have time to worry about it right now, because I have several bigger projects in the works that I must finish before I lose my momentum. But you can certainly expect some lovely little needle-felted things in the (near?) future.

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