A Little Bit of Foolishness in the Kitchen, and Some Other Tidbits

Well, after this post, you may be surprised to hear that I gave caramel making another go. Well, another two “go”s, actually, since as you may have guessed, my second attempt didn’t go much better than the first. But first, there’s a little back story behind my second attempt at candy making.

You see, I’ve had these pinned on my “things to eat”¬†Pinterest board for a while, and since I had some caramel-making ingredients left over from a birthday cake, I decided now was the perfect time. Twix are one of my favorite candy bars, and I figured, if I can make them myself, why not?

So I tried to make some caramel Saturday night, but it took a long time for the mixture to get hot enough, so I started nursing (that eternal occupation) while I was waiting, and just checked it every now and then. Well, apparently the temperature increases rapidly the last 15 degrees, so I overshot my desired consistency and ended up with something more like those butterscotch lollypops (they’re spelling, in case you’re looking at the word funny) you can buy at See’s. Have you tried those before? They’re delicious, and my caramels turned out pretty close in flavor and consistency. If you want to know, I used this recipe and just cooked it until it was a dark caramel brown (just a little over 250 degrees Fahrenheit); make sure to cut them when they’re still warm, because they harden up quickly.

Delicious though they were, this caramel was not appropriate for the twix recipe. I wanted something a little softer. So I tried again the next day with a different caramel recipe, another pretzel-dipping caramel. This one was way different, yummy and softer, but still a little to firm to really mimmick the candy bar I was going for. At this point I thought it was best to just go with it, though, because I would be risking my health to attempt three caramel batches in one weekend.

In the end, I made a jar of butterscotch caramels, two jars of caramel-chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate covered almond-caramel clusters, and a jar of twix-like chocolates.

Sure, I got a little carried away, but I guess it’s okay every once in a while.

While I’ve been busy in the kitchen, I’ve also been working on a bunch of little projects here and there. I have one project that I’ve been working on for nearly a year that I’m hoping (cross my fingers) to be able to show you later this week. And a started a new project last week that I’m really excited about. Here’s a sneak peek:

Any guesses? Hopefully I’ll have more to show you this week.

One thought on “A Little Bit of Foolishness in the Kitchen, and Some Other Tidbits

  1. Quebec, you simply amaze me!!!! I seriously hope I can be even a little percentage like you! Every single blog you do with pictures I just sit here amazed. Joel, Isabella and Sofia are so lucky to have you as a wife/mother.

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