Two Years Ago…

I graduated from college. I had no job prospects and a four-month-old baby and no idea what I was going to do with myself. The previous four months had been the busiest and hardest of my life, so the days immediately following my graduation seemed tame by comparison. Gradually I adjusted to life as a stay at home mom. I got a part-time stay-at-home job. I started crafting in a serious way. I tried (not always successfully) to keep up with work in my studio. I had another beautiful baby girl. And gradually I’ve become just as busy as ever. The last two years have been wonderful. I love being a wife and mom. It’s amazing to me how quickly it’s all gone by.

And now, today, I get to celebrate another big milestone in our family’s life. Today my husband graduated. I am so happy for him.

Congratulations Joel!


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