Felt Quiet Book, Pages 1 & 2

When I started writing about this project, I started thinking about which page or piece was my favorite, which one took me the longest to think about, which was the hardest to conceptualize, etc.

This one was definitely not the hardest for me to conceptualize; I knew I wanted to use a puzzle to represent the formation of the Earth. But oh, wow, it sure took a long time to make. From cutting out all the pieces, to stitching the surface, to sewing in 27 earth magnets (one in each puzzle piece, one for each piece on the “disorganized” side, and one for each piece on the “organized” side), to sewing the puzzle pieces together, this page seemed like it would never get finished. But it finally did.

Here’s a closeup of the stitching.

It’s not supposed to be anything particular, just swirly colors representing my very unscientific interpretation of a planet forming.

I am rather pleased with how it turned out in the end. And I love taking it apart and putting it back together. The puzzle is a little challenging for a two-year old, and I debated whether to include the outline of the pieces to help her get it together. I’m glad I did, though, and I figure that even if she doesn’t get it right, at least all those little magnetic pieces will keep her busy and happy.

If you have any questions about how I did it, please let me know. Thanks!


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