Felt Quiet Book, Pages 5 and 6

(If you want to know more about my quiet book, go here for the overview, here for pages 1 and 2, and here for pages 3 and 4.)

I love this set of pages. It includes my favorite and most time-consuming piece of stitching, and I really like how the darkness to light is portrayed.

The sun and moon are detachable, and there are two magnet places on the page for each, with opposite magnetic poles facing up, so they can be flipped back and forth between the light and dark side.

Of course, the Earth is my favorite. I looked at some NASA images of Earth to get some ideas of how to do it, and then I just freely stitched around to give it a primordial feel.

All the stitching is chain stitch, which meant a lot of time and a lot of thread.

The Earth also goes from dark to light. It took me a while to figure out a way to do this that wasn’t too cumbersome or goofy looking. I guess it helps to work on a project for a year: lots of time to think things through.

Finally, the stars appear underneath little tabs.

Rather than try to do a bunch of 5-pointed stars, I went with the like a diamond in the sky idea and used the gods eye stitch to make them.

Hope you aren’t getting tired of seeing my quiet book, dear reader. I’m not done yet. Have a great Monday!

p.s. I’m linking this up on and on tatertots and jello.


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