Felt Quiet book, Pages 7 and 8

We’re past the halfway point for this project. You’d think I’d be tired of talking about it now, but nope, I’m not.

This set of pages is all about the plants. I tried to choose a variety of plant types, but really, I didn’t have room for all of them, so I just went with my favorites.

Each plant has a corresponding seed and a wee pocket to plant the seed in. In case you can’t tell, there is a pine tree,

an oak tree,


and sunflowers.

I got a little more creative with the stitches on this page. For petals, stems, and leaves I used the granitos stitches, back stitch, and fern stitch.

I also used French knots for the poppy seeds, satin stitch for the acorn, and something like lattice work for the pine cone.

My original concept was to make the seeds with little magnets, but I just couldn’t reconcile myself to the thought of putting magnets into bite-sized pieces, especially after all the warnings about not swallowing these things (if you can imagine, two magnets meeting inside your body is not a good thing). Anyways, in an effort to avoid choking hazards, I attached the seeds to the pages with some braided thread. I would have used some other attachment method, but nothing else came to mind, and I didn’t have any thin green ribbon, so this was how it had to be.

Also, another thing that made it a little more complicated was that because I was embroidering on the flap, I had to make it a double thickness. I decided to add a magnet so that the flaps would stay opened/closed easier. I like how they blend in with the background, whether opened or closed.

Just three page sets left, and the next three are my favorites. Thanks for indulging me, and if you just can’t take another quiet book page, come back in a week and I hope to have a new project (tutorial?) to share with you.

p.s. I’m linking this up at 30 daystatertots and jello, and skip to my lou.

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