Felt Quiet Book, Pages 9 and 10

This was actually the first page I started. I sewed the basic page pieces together while  watching a world cup game in Ecuador.

That little bird (it’s an egret, I think) was the first animal. They have birds like that in the peninsula region of Ecuador, and I liked the idea of having something that would remind us of there. I’ve been wanting to do some paintings of this bird ever since I saw it for the first time, during our first trip to Ecuador.

Next was the horse.

Then this lovely little ladybug.

The tiger, salmon (yes, I’m aware that salmon don’t really live in ponds, creative license here), and elephant came later.

My least favorite is the horse. Obviously I need some help with the satin stitch. Plus, I really wish I could find a decent way to transfer my drawings to the felt, because freehand stitching (or whatever you call it) just doesn’t always work out for me.

This page was like the plants page; I had lots of ideas about the kinds of animals I wanted to do, but I had to settle for just my favorites. I tried to represent all the animal kingdoms, but unfortunately I didn’t work in some reptiles/amphibians. I did, however, make some more moveable animal pieces for the other pages, but they could really go with this page, too, to add to the diversity.

Just a few pages left. Have a great weekend!

p.s. I’m linking this up at 30 daystatertots and jello, and skip to my lou.

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