Quiet Book, Pages 13 and 14

(If you’re interested, you can read more about my quiet book. Go here for the overview, here for pages 1 and 2, and here for pages 3 and 4, here for pages 5 and 6here for pages 7 and 8, here for pages 9 and 10, and here for pages 11 and 12.)

We’ve reached the end! Thanks for indulging me while I shared this year-long project with you.

This page was kind of a freebie, nothing new was created, so I just made another fun page for my baby to play with. Of course there is some symbolism to go along with the story of the creation, but I’ll leave that for you to interpret.

I love the snake (is that bad?).

But for the record, I think the dove is great, too.

Now it’s all ready for some serious (quiet) playtime.

Looks like it was a hit.

The end.

Honestly, I wish I had shown more of the process, because that would probably been more helpful to anyone who would want to make a similar book, but I have this thing about letting people see what I’m working on before it’s done. I have a habit of doing things a little different from the norm; a lot of my projects go through this crazy-messy, what the heck is that? intermediate phase, and I’m afraid that people might just write it off as a dumb and click away. When I’m asked in person, I usually say “it’s hard to explain” and leave it at that. I can’t do that on the blog, though, because that just looks lazy. So I just don’t usually show the process before I’m finished, but I’m starting to think that maybe I should.

What do you think? Do you want to see my long-term projects in process? Thanks in advance for the input, and have a great weekend!

ps. I’m linking this up on tatertots and jello and at skip to my lou, and at sun scholars.


5 thoughts on “Quiet Book, Pages 13 and 14

  1. this is a well crafted piece of fun! What a treasure for your children. My grandma made me a busy book when I was a baby and now my son plays with it. Thanks for sharing!

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