A Book for Liz

Here’s another book I made this last weekend. I actually made it at the same time I was making the red book, but I couldn’t show it until after she got it because it was a surprise.

It was a really last-minute project, so I’m glad it turned out so well, and I hope she likes it.

A little back story: My littlest sister is OBSESSED with Ireland, and she’s taking a trip to England in a few weeks (yes, I know not Ireland, but a lot closer to it than where she is right now), so I wanted to make a little book for her to take with her and record all the fun she’s having.

The four-leaf clover was my other sister’s idea. And of course it had to be green. Very Irish, right?

I had to have a quick love-holding-a-finished-book moment before I sent it off.

Have fun on your trip Liz!

One thought on “A Book for Liz

  1. I already told you thank you over the phone, but here it is again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love it and have already started writing just a little intro. It’s really wonderful! Thank you and I love you!

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