Fabric Chessboard

Okay, so maybe it’s a month late, but this is the project I was working on for prudent baby’s “use your words” embroidery contest.

A fabric chess set.

I’ve actually been wanting to make a fabric chessboard for a while now, but it wasn’t until I came across this contest that I could think of a way to do the pieces. I thought about ways to use words (or letters, in this case) literally, and this was what I came up with.

I designed the letters based on a typeface designed by Albrect Dürer and added the pieces’ silhouettes to the sides.

I stitched all 32 pieces with Japanese silk on linen (two of my favorite materials).

My favorite pieces are the knights. Love those little horses.

Each of those little white dots (x’s) you see hold a paperclip in place, which is what the magnet in the pieces sticks to.

I tried simulating the moves to a very short game, but after about five minutes I realized I couldn’t beat myself very quickly.

So, skip to the end, checkmate! (I’m pretty sure. It’s been a while since I’ve really played chess.

I think one of my favorite things about this project, though, is the bag.

I even tried some French seams on the inside (at least, what I think are French seams based on wikipedia’s definition).

This would be great to take along on a picnic or a fun outdoor trip. Just fold it up and pack it along. I had meant for it as a car trip game, but it ended up being a little big for that.

Maybe I’ll have to make a smaller traveler’s version sometime. If I do make it again, I think I’ll try cotton, because getting all the lines straight with the linen was very difficult for my meager sewing skills.

Still a fun, simple (though time-consuming) project. If you want to make your own, leave a comment and I’ll see about uploading a template with the letters if there’s a demand for them.

Have a great day!

ps. I’m linking this up at skip to my lou and here:
Visit thecsiproject.com

7 thoughts on “Fabric Chessboard

  1. Hey!
    I’ve found your Blog some days ago and have been reading backwards through it the last few evenings.
    Just wanted to leave You a comment – the chessboard is beautiful!
    I can’t emroider, so I wont make one myself, but I think it’s a lovely idea!

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  3. Hi,
    your chess set is amazing, I really want to make one for my boys. where did you find the pattern?
    thanks bec (australia)

  4. Hey there, I would love to try this out and make it as a Christmas present for someone. Could you please send me the template and any other useful steps you might have? Is there a tutorial out there? That would be wonderful! Thanks, Helena

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