Into the Woods

I haven’t been camping in a long time—probably 7 years or more—so I was a little rusty. But overall the trip was really fun. We stayed in nice, clean cabins nestled among some beautiful aspen groves.

The natural beauty was really inspiring, and I came home feeling my creative energy rejuvinated. Sorry that I couldn’t narrow the pictures down too much, but I loved the trees, blue sky and tall wavy grass; I just had to share.

The sunrise on the tall white aspens was particularly striking; I wish my camera had done a better job of capturing the golden glow.

We went on a couple short hikes. The paths were peaceful and pristine.

One of the hikes was around a lake, and I was lucky to have my three sisters with me.

We got to mingle with some fun wildlife, too.

This is my favorite picture from the trip. The title is “My little tree hugger.”

Ah, I think I’ll have to get out into the wilderness a little more often. But it’s good to be home. Have a great Monday.


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