Crocheted stone

So, I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen these crocheted stones. They’re so lovely, right (unless you’re like my husband and don’t see any point in decorating rocks; sorry, this post is not for you)?

Well, I found a few doily patterns that I liked and that looked do-able, so I whipped up my very own crocheted stone.

I like it. It’s definitely not as refined as her stones,

especially the back, but it’s a start. And you know what, I’ve already started using it. How, you might ask?

Well, that’s a story for another day…

2 thoughts on “Crocheted stone

  1. Beautiful. I think I like thyours a little more than Margaret Oomens originals. There is something more special about those that are not quite perfect – ‘wabi sabi’ is the term the Japanese use I believe, where the imperfections contribute as much to the whole as the physical practicality does.

    I would love one of these one my desk.

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