Ecuador, Days 1 through 3

Sorry that I have been absent from my little blog space for so long. I had not intended it to be so, but I have been sitting on my hands, holding my breath for the last waiting for some important news regarding the future of our family, and because of that, I could not get myself to blog. So here I am, a month later, still awaiting some important news (the wait is almost killing me; I guess I am in need of a good lesson on patience), but I thought, hey, life goes on, and so I’m blogging again.

We’re in Ecuador, by the way. South of the Equator. Have you ever bought a one-way ticket somewhere out of the country? We did. We don’t know when we’ll be back! (Crazy, I know, but life is crazy sometimes.) Anyways, I have been crafting and making and planning all along this whole month I’ve been absent here. But I don’t have much to show for it, as yet.

To ease myself back into blogging, I decided to keep a little log of what we’re up to while we’re (indefinitely) here. I hope I don’t bore you too much, but it is sometimes nice to see life from a different perspective, and for me, this is pretty different. There will be crafting (I brought a whole 50-pound suitcase full of supplies; yes, my husband does have to be crazy in love with me to allow that), but some days will be about other odds and ends. Like these first three days. We’re still adjusting to our life here. It was a full 24 hours from the time we drove away from my parents home in Oregon to the time our airplane touched down in Guayaquil. It was a pretty rough journey, but we made it. Here’s what we’ve been up to so far.

Day 1:

We arrived in Ecuador a little before 5 am. Getting through immigration went fine, but when it came to picking up our bags, we found ourselves one bag short (the bag with all the presents for the family). After getting that sorted out (the bag, which somehow got left behind at our connection in New York,  is supposed to get here sometime this week), we were greeted by an excited abuela (grandma) and uncle, who helped us load our stuff onto a truck to take us 2 hours away to their home in Ancón.

One of the first (and only) things the girls wanted to do was swim, so even though we had hardly slept in the last 24 hours, we whipped out the swim suits, inflated the pool, and let the girls have  a little swim.

Day 2:

Sunday, we walked to church. This is very different than church in the states, but it was okay. We found out the church choir (meaning all the active members) would be performing that night at a city Christmas celebration, and I don’t know quite how it happened, but I was coerced into singing a duet with the choir director. Fortunately, I found that singing in a foreign language is easier than singing in English. I’ll have to post a picture of this later, because we used someone else’s camera, but even without seeing the pictures, I imagine I stood among all the nicely tanned members of the town.

Day 3:

We’re starting to get into the swing of things here. This is my third trip to Ecuador, and adjusting to life here has been a lot smoother than the first two times. There are always a few hurdles to overcome before I really settle into living here. Taking showers (no hot water), cooking, doing laundry, sleeping in the heat and humidity, going shopping, etc. I got over most of these the first day, so we’re feeling pretty good. I’ll admit, I had a couple near-disasters trying to fry some plantains this morning, including breaking open a 2-kilo bag of flour all over the floor, but other than that, things have gone pretty smoothly.

We walked to the  beach today, and I was so grateful that we brought our double jogging stroller. We do get a lot of stares, though. The beach was fun. Nobody else was there. One of our girls fell asleep on the way there, so Joel took our other girl down to the water while I stayed with my sleeping baby.

We found out that our older girl is still afraid of the ocean—I think the sound of the waves really freaks her out. Hopefully she’ll get used to it, because we plan on going to the beach a lot. They also caught a crab.

We were debating whether to keep it for a pet or eat it for dinner, but in the end we decided to set it free.

Cute little guy.

And we rounded out our afternoon with more swimming.

Have a wonderful Monday!


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