The story of a whim and a shot in the dark with surprisingly good aim

So, some of you out there might be wondering how this crazy journey that is currently our life came to be. Well, let me draw you a diagram.

In case that’s a little hard to follow, here’s the story. (Warning, kind of long, possibly boring, feel free to skip this unless you need some help falling asleep.) My dear sweet husband (whom I’m missing terribly whilst I’m in the states packing up our home) graduated from college in April. Before graduation and after graduation, he was very active in his job seeking. Lots of applications, lots of interviews, even a nice trip to Dallas, and a half offer of an internship. But after several months, there was still no job. While all this job hunting was happening, my dear sweetheart was also getting ready and applying for grad school, which was also another dream of his.

Fast forward three months, and we’re still applying and interviewing, and nothing has come through yet. It will still be a month before we hear back from grad schools, which could potentially take us to Michigan or New Jersey, or leave us in Utah. Around this time, my husband’s brother, who is attending university in Quito, Ecuador, happened to mention a position that he had heard about through his school for a computer specialist in the Galapagos Islands. I can clearly remember the moment when Joel (cute sweet husband) told me about the job. I thought yeah, sure, we’re trying for anything at this point, and wow, that would be really amazing if that ever happened. I also clearly thought, yeah right. There’s no way.

Ha. I’m here now eating my words. It took a long time to come through, though. The application process began in September. There were two interviews in October, and unexpectedly, the people seemed really interested in my husband (not that he’s not amazing, because he is, I just didn’t think there would be any way that we would end up there). We were planning on spending a month in Ecuador for Christmas, and with the real possibility of the job, we thought we had better get our home in order in case the call came to move down there. However, we had also been accepted to a really great grad program in New Jersey, which would begin in January, and that would be a potential move as well. The date was fixed for December 3, but before that we were leaving to visit my family in Oregon for Thanksgiving. We thought for sure we’d hear back about the Galapagos job before then. But the days went on and nothing. Complete radio silence. Not even an e-mail reply to say they were still deliberating. Excitement waned. Expectation turned into doubt. As the time approached for us to leave the country, we still didn’t have any idea where we would be at the end of December.

Two weeks before Christmas, Joel sent out one final e-mail. The gist of it was “if we don’t hear back from you this week, we’ll take it as a “no.” The week passed. No word either way. So on Monday we were planning to buy our return tickets home, fill out our FAFSA, and try to scramble to get things ready to go to New Jersey. Tuesday morning, unexpectedly, an e-mail came. A brief apology for the lack of response. Apparently the main person in charge of hiring for the position had been in the Amazon (like, the rainforest) for the last month, which explained the lack of response. They said they still wanted to hire Joel, and they would be calling that week to make an offer.

After a little more waiting, the call finally came. All the suspended hopes that I hadn’t even dared to whisper to myself finally came through. We were really doing this. We were really going to move to a little island in the pacific with the main inhabitants consisting of giant tortoises and marine iguanas. Seriously.

I’ve mentioned previously that we’ve been to the Galapagos before. It was one of those amazing trips that you can’t really believe even happened. My husband and I both fell in love with the place, and we decided that we must return some day (though our guess was that it would be for something like our 40th wedding anniversary or something). It’s so utterly beautiful that there aren’t words to describe it. And we’re going to be living there. We’re going to be raising our kids there (yikes!). I’m going to have to buy some more swimsuits!

Of course, it won’t be all easy breezy. There is, of course, the little matter of moving our family from the states to a little island in the Pacific. Besides the fact that the whole group of islands is a national park (like living in Yellowstone) so we have to get special permits and what-not just to stay there. And I’m going to have to get Ecuadorian citizenship. And all that lot. Plus there’s the isolation of living on a teeny tiny island and all that entails.

But overall, I am super excited. All the time we were waiting and worrying and thinking that it was a lost cause, I was praying and secretly at peace; after my husband’s second interview, I knew that we would end up there.  I just knew it. And even though it took a lot longer than we thought it would to finally come through, I would secretly tell myself the whole time, just be patient, this is the right thing for your family, and it will happen. So now that the time is here, and we really are doing this, I am mostly at peace about the whole thing, despite all the little hurdles we still have to overcome.

I hope to be settled down with our new life-as-usual by March, but we’ll see. It’s going to be a crazy ride for the next month or so, so be patient with me. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all of this, it’s good things come to those who wait.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “The story of a whim and a shot in the dark with surprisingly good aim

  1. Congratulations!! I was sitting here trying to get through a paper on Maguire primrose and had a sudden idea that I should search for you. Perhaps it was the thought that I’m soon going to lose more great interns to graduation 😦 Anyway, I can hardly imagine how exciting this must be. Hope you don’t mind if I follow your adventures through your blog.

    • Janene, I was so excited to see your comment! Yes, we are extremely excited. If you needed an excuse for visiting the Galapagos, you can count this as one. And I suppose I’ll have to be extra careful with my editing from now on!

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