Goodnight Galapagos

***We relocated to a lovely little house, La Casa Verde, that sits atop a hill overlooking the ocean. It is airy, and peaceful, and there is a nice little hammock on the back porch that is one of my new favorite places. However, there is no internet connection there. So, this month (for it is to be yet another temporary move) I will be on the logging on only sporadically. I’ve got some posts scheduled out, but I may not be able to approve/respond to comments right away, so don’t worry if it takes a little while. I’m going to enjoy this forced digital hiatus, and I’ve already felt a little of the refreshment that comes with unplugging for a significant amount of time. 

Here are a few stills of the view from the end of the driveway of our new rental home. I love that it has a name (even if the house itself is white, not green; yes, this still confuses my toddler sometimes, since she’s already learned her colors). The sunsets here are great. And very predictable. By 6:15, year-round, everything is dark here. It makes it easy to get to bed on time, and a little less painful that the sunrises at six every morning.

And of course, I had to include these artsy shots that Joel took. He’s enjoyed playing around with our new camera, and I have to say, I love looking at the world through his eyes.


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