Inspiration: Spiders

Okay, I have to start by saying that I am  major arachnophobe. I’m getting a little more comfortable with them here, since they are EVERYWHERE, but only if they are at a distance. There are some monster big ones that make me shudder. The web-spinning spiders here are quite fascinating, though. I think their delicate patterns are quite lovely, actually.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Spiders

  1. The legs look just like the brown widow we have in San Diego but the underbelly (more poisonous than blk. widow) has a china orange hourglass, just like the black widow. Not trying to scare you, just know your spiders. The egg case is 1/4″, round, butter color and spikes all around.

    Did you know you could ‘capture’ the web? The method might not appeal to you, but the results are so cool and permanent. Spray it with silver or whatever color and while it’s still wet, put a dark color card stock behind and towards it. It sticks beautifully and is amazing to look at. I have one that is ten years old and still love it. Of course, shoo the spider away first.

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