New Embroidery Pattern: Classic Cars

It has been a long time since I released an embroidery pattern in my languishing Etsy shop. It’s not for lack of ideas or desire; it’s just that those two things haven’t met up with time and means for a while. That is, until now.

I gave a teaser to this pattern last week. A classic Volkswagen Beetle. Why not a yellow slug bug (those were worth more points, right?). The embroidery pattern includes a set of 8 classic cars and a truck. I had hopes of doing more, because there are tons of beautifully designed cars out there, but I decided to limit myself to just these for now.

Let’s see, there’s a Ferrari, Rolls Royce, BMW convertible, Ford truck, Jaguar, a mini, and a Shelby Cobra in addition to the beetle.

They were really fun to stitch up, too. I kind of have the horse before the cart in that I am designing embroidery patterns even though I’m not the most awesome embroider. There are definitely little problems here and there, but for the most part I think they turned out nicely. As I mentioned before, I tried a new stitch as my outlining stitch, the split stitch. For most of my stitching prior to this, I’ve used the good ol’ reliable running back stitch, but my sister, who is currently training herself as an expert embroiderer, introduced me to the split stitch, and I’m hooked.

I have to stipulate that I’m using split stitch with pearl cotton, so it looks rather different than it would with floss. That’s why I like it so much.

I also used a new method of transferring my design. For whatever reason, tracing with pencil, pen, or whatever onto fabric always yields terribly, wonky results. Especially when I’m using linen. I’ve been searching and searching for a better way, and finally, I came across this. Sewing through tracing paper with a thin thread.

You can just barely see it here. I’ll admit, it’s time consuming. But it is so much easier for me than trying to muddle through and fudge things with a barely visible traced pattern. Anyways, if you are desperate like me for a better way, give it a try. If you’re a pro at tracing, stick with that.

Anyways, you can purchase the pattern here, if you’re interested. So glad to have this done. It’s really gotten my creative juices flowing, and I’ve got a bunch of new things in the works, including a free embroidery pattern I’m working on just for you.

Have a wonderful day!


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