Some things

Some things are going on around here. First, I should say that I’m writing this from the continent. We’re taking a vacation from the Galapagos. Ha! Actually, part of the residency hoops we have to jump through is that once you are ready to apply for temporary residency on the island, you must leave the island and then come back. Don’t get me started on all the ridiculous rules they have in place to deter anyone who has the audacity to try to move there. Our 90 days in Galapagos were going to be up next Saturday, but due to some last-minute scrambling to get my husband’s residency application done, we found out Wednesday afternoon that we would all be leaving the country the following morning. Prepping a house for and extended absence, in addition to packing for that absence, in less than 24 hours is not something that I would wish on anyone, but we managed somehow. (Since we still don’t have a washing machine, and there was not enough time to get it done at the laundromat, we had to bring two suitcases full of dirty clothes as part of our managing somehow.)

So we will be on the continent at least until the first of July. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we can get all the paperwork taken care of so that we can go back to the island together, but if not, I may be staying with my girls here while my husband goes back. If you are familiar with Ecuadorian geography, we are currently in the peninsula, but we will be heading up to Quito, the capital, next week for some work training.

In other news, we’ve had a few small milestones that have gone by almost imperceptibly. The biggest one for me is that for the first time in over four years I am not nursing or pregnant. For those of you (ahem, my parents) who may be tempted to gloss over that line and only catch the buzzword, let me emphasize the NOT. I love my babies, and I loved nursing them and was so grateful that I was able to do so, but after four years straight of my body being in charge of nourishing another being in addition to myself, it does feel a little freeing to be back to just me again.

The other little milestone we slid past last week was our six-month mark in Ecuador. That’s big! Over the last 6 months we have slowly but surely been adjusting to life in Ecuador, and now, it truly feels like we are at home here. I’m glad, too. Of course, I still have a long way, mainly in the speaking-Spanish aspect, to go before the other people here accept me as part of the community.

So for the next three weeks I’ll be busy keeping the girls entertained while my husband has to run all over the place getting documents processed and filing out applications. I brought along a little stitching to keep myself entertained, and I think I’m going to hunker down and play around with some new stitches, which I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

So, it just occurred to me that it’s summertime for all my friends north of the Equator.  (Technically, we just entered “winter” down here. With the length of the day remaining constant, and the temperature fluctuating only a few degrees up and down, my perception of seasons is all out of whack.) Does anyone have any fun summer plans? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear about that.

Have a great Monday!

6 thoughts on “Some things

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I also found your blog through Pinterest with the Not-Quite-A-Tangram fabric puzzle. I’ve made one set so far, for my 10-month old, and I have plans and fabric for two more sets for other babies. I would love to send you a picture, but just as you showed in your tutorial, once I set out all the squares, the little guy crawls into them and stuffs one in his mouth! But in addition to saying Thank You for the tutorial (and others; I can’t wait to explore your tutorial section) I want to also say that I’m enjoying your blog posts and pictures. Thank you for being so creative and so sharing. Good luck with the whole residency thing!

    -Allyson (homeschooler, writer, jeweler, crafter)

  2. It feels like I am living my summer now. I go back to work in August so I ought to enjoy the ‘free’ time I have left with my little guy… but that is not to say I don’t have some holidays planned!! Scotland, Norway and a trip to the baltic coast…. I am enjoying my warm days changing the colours of my toes, moving through the day to the rythmn of my little one, spending days at the zoo watching the animals and lying in the grass when he naps. Life is quiet but good.

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