Now For Something Lighter

Thanks for the kind words about yesterday’s post; it was just what I needed. Fortunately, life isn’t all bad. In fact, it’s mostly full of wonderful magical things, if you take the time to look.

Here’s a little of that sort of stuff. My little girl learning to draw and write.

Here’s papi. “He doesn’t have hair because you just cut it, mami.”

Here’s the letter S, which my toddler informs me is for her sister’s name (she’s right).

And this is what visa paperwork looks like, according to my three year old. Pretty close to the real thing.

She’s always on the go. I love to hear her little feet padding on the tile here.

“Look mami, I’m selling things like the people at the beach!” (At the beach here, people walk around hawking hammocks, sunglasses, hair braiding, and the like.)

And this made me chuckle. I found this at the store and showed my little girl and asked her what it looked like. She giggled and said, “Like a bum, mami.”

Which made me think of this, which I’d seen a while ago (can’t guarantee the rest of the content of this site is friendly).

Ah, it’s good to laugh sometimes. Have a wonderful weekend.


One thought on “Now For Something Lighter

  1. I love these photos! Your girls are so pretty! Also loved the link, we just moved from china to Singapore so it was nice to see some chinglish !!

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