Table Linens

I can’t help myself. When I come across a creative contest with fabulous prizes, I just get the urge to make something for it. Thank goodness for contests, then, or I might never finish a project. Anyways, this project is no exception. In the craziness of relocating yet again and settling down here on the island, I had really no intention of spending an inordinate amount of time on table linens, but then, I saw this on Sew, Mama, Sew, and I couldn’t resist. Besides, I didn’t have any table linens, so why not make some to adorn the lovely table that I spent forever and a day refinishing, (that’s another story). I would have done a whole fancy tablescape with a terrarium or vase of flowers, but in the Galapagos, there’s just not many places (read any) to get things like that. So I just kept it simple.

On to the linens. It all started with the napkins, and I’ve got to say, they’re still my favorite.

I am so pleased with how the ombre stitching came out.

And then came the place mats.

I was up late finishing those the night before the deadline, and then low and behold, they extended it another week, so why not make a table cloth, too? Color blocking with flat felled seams?

Why, certainly.

And then, finally, these sweet little felt napkin rings, braided following this tutorial. I love those almost as much as I love the napkins. So there you have it. The whole table. This project included a lot of firsts. First time sewing a button on using my sewing machine, first time doing some free-hand stitching with an embroidery hoop on my machine, first time using that nifty little hemmer foot (I love it!), first time doing a fancy flat-felled seam for the color blocking on the tablecloth, and first time starching linen before sewing on it (the extra body helps the fabric work better, if you have ever sewed with linen, you know what I mean). And how appropriate, since this is my very first set of table linens in my possession (I know I’ve been living like a savage up to this point).

I was going for simplicity, elegancy, and versatility, and I feel like they were a success. The placemats are all reversible, so you can mix up the combinations. Coral and blue, coral and natural linen, blue and natural linen, and all natural linen.

And they look nice without the table cloth too.

I stitched the flowers free hand, and I like their quasi-geometric look.

I would have taken more pictures of the different variations, but my baby was having a royal tantrum while I was taking pictures.

See, I’m not kidding. Anyways, I am so so glad I had the opportunity to make these! Now, someday I’ll add a lovely terrarium or a large vase of lush flowers, but we’ll just stick with baby steps for now.

Have a wonderful weekend!

8 thoughts on “Table Linens

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  2. Congratulations, I think you achieved simple and elegant. And time enough to add flowers when you don’t have a toddler who will sweep them off the table ….trust me on that one.

  3. It is all so beautiful! I love the colors and how it all works together, I’m a huge fan of linen, too. Love being in your company. And, so nice to see your blog! I had a friend that lived in Ecuador and have visited. I know from her experiences just how insane the bureaucracy can be! Sometimes I couldn’t even follow her stories, it was all so convoluted and ridiculous. Good luck! Hope to catch more of your advents.

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