I made curtains. Eight, fully lined curtain panels to be exact. Two for every window in our home (well, not including the kitchen window, but I ran out of fabric, and those are small windows anyways). That was a big, big project that I made even bigger by first hand stamping (with cut up potatoes and cardboard tubes) the fabric for the panels. And ironing. So much ironing. Which becomes a lot more when you don’t have an ironing board so you spend hours crouching on the ground ironing over a doubled-over towel. But now that they are done, I’m really pleased.

I used this great tutorial, and it was really helpful in getting me going in the right direction. I didn’t use a sheet for the lining, since I accidentally bought twice as much fabric as I needed. But I did have to piece some of it together to get it all done.

I even had a little bird (one of Darwin’s finches) join me for a bit of sewing. It just adds a little bit of magic to your day.

About the stamping. It took a while, but it was pretty straightforward. I just used some acrylic paint, since that was all I could find at the craft store on the mainland. I wish I could have gotten something a little better, since it started to rinse out a bit when I washed it, even after heat setting it. So, there’s a lesson learned. The second lesson I learned on this project was that when something is going terribly wrong, don’t keep going. Stop and fix the problem. I learned that the hard way when I went to sew my first panel and the fabric was ruffling and puckering like crazy. I just kept thinking, I just have to keep going, and by the end, I had a horrible, completely wonky (not in a good way) panel. It took me a little while, but I figured out that it was the thread tension. Against my better judgment, I realized that I had to set it to 0 up top to avoid puckering. I still don’t know how that works, with no tension on top, but it was the only thing that could stop the ruffling, so I just went with it.

Here they are hanging up. When I had finished sewing them, I wasn’t sure if I liked them, but now that they are hanging, I am so glad I stuck with them and got them done.

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Curtains

  1. You are so resourceful! Love the designs on the curtains. You truly do find the beauty all around. The Darwin finch was delightful.

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