Thank You

As some of you may have noticed, I actually won that contest from Sew, Mama, Sew that I mentioned a little while ago. To say I was super excited and  flattered would be a total understatement. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve entered a few contests in my time, but I’ve never won. I thought I was destined to be ms. honorable mention forever. And that would have been fine. I take the contests mostly as an incentive to get some projects done that I’ve been wanting to do. But it’s nice to win, too. And it is an added bonus that the prizes are fabulous.

And one of the best parts of winning has been having some traffic from some new people. It’s always so rewarding to get comments from people who connect with what I’ve been posting. So I just wanted to say thanks to all the lovely people, old friends and new, who have left kind and encouraging words. I wish I had time to respond to each one, but with no internet access at home, my internet sessions are brief and infrequent.

I’ve been busy busy with projects, but I’ve also been trying to take time to just enjoy life and my family. It is so good to be all together again. I’ll try to keep you updated as I finish things. Also, I know I haven’t been doing any tutorials lately, but if there is something that you’ve seen me do that you’re curious about, let me know. I’d love to share everything, but I have to prioritize, so if there is a demand for something, I’ll do that first.

Have a wonderful day!


One thought on “Thank You

  1. Congratulations, sweetie. It is fun to win. However, I know you get just as much pleasure from creating. Thanks for keeping up up to date on the family. Love Dad

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