Part of the joy and difficulty of having a new work space is finding a place for everything and putting everything in it’s place. I definitely have a problem doing this, and even after everything has been placed, I have trouble forcing myself to replace everything once I’m done using it. I guess my subconscious likes having everything out where I can see it, but obviously it doesn’t take long before I have everything out of the drawers and can therefore find nothing. So I have been actively forcing myself to mentally catalog my supplies as I stow them, so I can try to remember what I have, and where. In doing so, I have come to appreciate just how many different specialized tools I have. For example, I have quite an array of cutting utensils.

Nothing very fancy, but interesting, nonetheless, when they are all laid out together.

Of course, some are showing some rust damage because of the high level of humidity and the salty sea air, but they all still work pretty well.

Here’s the breakdown, in case you’re interested.

Do you have any special cutting devices? A favorite pair of scissors? Anything that I don’t have that I will instantly realize I can’t live without? Feel free to share.

One thought on “Cut

  1. Wow, that are a lot of cutting devices 😉
    I definitely can’t compete: I own what You call a box cutter, a large rotary cutter, a seam ripper and 2 scissors, one for fabric, one for paper.
    I like these insights in other peoples workspaces, though. Always very interesting and inspiring.


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