Atypical Saturday

This Saturday was a little different. It actually started on Friday, here, at the San Cristobal Airport.


We said goodbye to Papi.

isa y papi 3

isa y papi


fia 2

Then we three girls started on a 26-hour, 3,000-mile journey.

fia climbing 2

fia climbing 3

fia climbing 3


Our 5-hour flight from the mainland left at midnight. The girls did pretty well playing in the airport.

fia climbing

girls in airport

It was a little crazy, and little dodgy here and there. For example, in the Atlanta airport one of those baggage carts that drive through the airports almost ran down my girls. But no one got hurt, and they gave me some meal vouchers which I used to buy an unhealthy amount of fudge, so it turned out okay in the end. Also, it was not the best when my little girl threw up a few minutes after we landed in Portland, but I just tried to be grateful that this came at the end of our trip instead of at the beginning. In any case, we are here (in beautiful, rainy cold Oregon) with my parents enjoying grandparents, carpet, clean water, and a piano.

isa and fia piano

isa and fia piano 2


I hope your Christmas season is starting out well, too. Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Atypical Saturday

  1. Yay! You’re home! Didn’t know you would be coming in so soon! I’m definitely jealous. Can’t wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!

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