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So, I didn’t talk to much about my time in Oregon, but I just wanted to say what a wonderful time I had. It was strange being there after being out of the States for a year, but it was good. The first couple stores I went to were pretty overwhelming, and I was especially appreciative of conveniences like clean, drinkable water, access to pretty much any thing you can imagine (food, clothing, craft supply, you name it, and the public library system.

I also enjoyed taking in the complete difference between my family’s home in Oregon and our home in Galapagos. There is so much lush, rich green in Oregon. I love it.

Have you ever experienced coming home after an extended absence? I’d love to hear.

Have a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “Oregon

  1. About an extended absence from home – yes. I lived in China for close to 3 years before my first visit back to the USA, my home country. I had been in China during 9/11 and the whole process of “Homeland Security” looked and felt different entering the USA. The customs official asked me why I’d been in China (politely enough, but I wondered if I was going to be questioned!). He finished his brief check of my passport and answers to my questions with the sincere-sounding comment, “Welcome home.” I think they’re supposed to say that now, but it was very, very moving to me. I teared up. I loved many things about being in China, but no one there would have ever said “welcome home” to me, no matter how at home I felt myself. So that’s one big memory. The USA and my friends had changed in 3 years, and so had I, so there are always elements of “you can’t go home again” about it. Bittersweet. It has always made me to long more for the feeling of being home that I believe there will be in my eternal home in heaven.

    I really enjoy your blog!

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