(Almost) 28 Self Portraits

So, remember how I said a while back that I was going to draw a self portrait every day for month? And now it’s been more than a month and I haven’t mentioned it at all. Well, I haven’t been trekking to my local internet joint as often, and this has resulted in less blogging, but guess what, I actually did do those drawings. Almost a full month (I decided to go for 4 weeks, and I missed a day because I was violently ill).

faces 3

faces 4

faces5So here they are, all 27 portraits. I started out doing one week of pen and ink, then one week of charcoal, then two weeks of pencil. Can you guess which day I was violently ill (my little girl helped supply the missing drawing).

all facesHere’s a closer look at the first (uck) and last picture in the series. I’m glad there was some improvement.

first and last

And here are few portraits that I think were more successful.

favoritesWhat do you think? There’s something to be said for doing something consistently over a period of time. I think it helped me get focused again on what I really love doing. So that’s great.faces 2Here’s to more drawing in the future.


4 thoughts on “(Almost) 28 Self Portraits

  1. I think that was a great idea! I know that for me, consistency in something is often the hardest part, and yet it is also the most important part if I am going to get better! They look great!

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