I made a quilt

whole quilt

I am not a quilter. Not even an aspiring quilter. I have only ever made one other quilt in my life, a little lap quilt that I hand quilted about ten years ago. But for whatever reason, about 2 years ago (yes, two years) I got the urge to make a queen sized quilt for my bed. I can only explain this by stating that I needed a new quilt/covering for my bed, and I have this feeling that I should DIY pretty much anything I think I could handle. quilt close up 1

I had it all pieced together and even the layers basted over a year ago, but when I came down to live in Galapagos, neither it nor my sewing machine made it in my suitcases. So when we, and my lovely 1970’s sewing machine were all reunited, I decided it was time to get this thing done.

quilt close up 2

Did it matter that I didn’t have a walking foot that fit my sewing machine? Of course, but I just decided to accept the unintentional ruching and puckering that came about because of my regular-feed presser foot.
close up 3

Of course, it was a little ill-advised to take up this project in the high heat and humidity of a Galapagos summer, especially with no air-conditioning, but once I started, I just had to get it done. I felt a little crazy and cool at the same time thinking that I was surely the only person on the entire island engaged in this kind of activity.
funny isabella

My little girl helped with the photo shoot. She’s been experimenting a lot lately with the crazy faces.

Here’s what the back looks like. backbottom of quilt bindingquilt back close up

Of course, it has its quirks and defects, but I’m quite pleased with the results. Would I do this project again? Hmm, probably, but I think it would be something to save for chilly winter evenings, and not hot, humid, air-conditioning-free afternoons.   thread 2 thread

I used this lovely organic cotton thread for the quilting. I was worried I would run out, and being in Galapagos with no access to any craft supplies, I figured that would put an end to the project, but I had just enough. Phew.

Now, I just need to wait a little for it to be cool enough to actually use it.

Have a great Monday.


4 thoughts on “I made a quilt

  1. That is lovely! Very well done for a first attempt. I have only ever hand-quilted lap quilts, I am shortly going to machine-quilt a king-sized quilt – I am quite intimidated!

  2. There is something very satisfying about making a quilt when it isn’t the usual thing to do. I too have only made one quilt. Yours looks lovely. Well done.

  3. I love it so much. Everything about it is awesome. Congrats on only two years. Mine is going on 10. Miss you guys a ton!

  4. I love seeing your projects and your pictures! You are so crafty (I say that in a good way) and your quilt is gorgeous! I’ve have been working on quilts lately and even though it’s been cold here it is a sweaty business machine quilting! I am so excited my mom found your blog!

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