Spring Wings

So, I’ve been so busy with things in my real life that I forgot to mention on my blog that I’ve been participating in a crafting competition, SYTYC. You know me, I love to have a good excuse to get some crafts done that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Here’s my project for the first week. The theme was Spring.

When I think of spring, one of the first things that comes to mind is baby animals. Lambs, bunnies, fluffy little chicks. So for this project, I decided to make something for my own sweet little babies. Something Spring, of course.  wings on wall

wing inspirationHere’s a look at some of my inspiration. I love these paintings of wings by Albrecht Durer. Love.

I made both girls a new set of wings to transform them into little baby birds. I’ve seen the idea floating around Pinterest for a while, and I wanted to do my spin on it. I love them, and the girls do, too.

collage 1


fia running bella sitting

Now my little birds are ready all ready to fly.
running with the wings

happy girls

Well, it looks like I may be out this week, and I’m not surprised, since the theme, knock-off, really isn’t my thing, but if you want, you should go over and vote. Voting goes until Thursday night, I think. There are some nice projects if you are into knock-offs.

Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Spring Wings

  1. Hi, What does knock-off mean in this context? In the UK, a few decades ago it was a colloquial (and Northern) and pretty crude way of saying you were having a full relationship with someone. Clearly, there’s an alternative meaning going on here. Do tell!
    Cheers, Linda

    • Ha ha, that’s pretty funny. In the States, in a crafting sense, it means taking someone else’s design/concept (e.g., a dress, or a home decor item, etc.) and recreating it yourself, theoretically for much less $$. Thanks for sharing the linguistic tidbit.

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