What I’m Wondering About Wednesday {Embroidery}

Don’t you just love alliteration? I know I do.

Do you have things that you wonder about frequently? Doesn’t have to be big, profound questions, just little things. I wonder about a lot of stuff all the time, and I often find myself wondering about creativity-related things. You know, different techniques, different materials, tips, and problem-solving tricks. It seems some people are chock full of them (wherever that expression came from, I don’t know, but I like it). I am not one of these people. But I do love learning new things.

So I thought I would try a little something, for myself mostly, but if you want to join in, that would be great too. Every week (probably Wednesday’s) I’ll post a question or creative dilemma I have, and then see if I can find an answer/solution by the next week. Feel free to offer any advice ┬áin the comments. Maybe you’ve been wondering something, too. Add your questions if you want, and I’ll see about working out an answer for those, too.

The point of this is to get me to act on all these question marks floating around in my head instead of just sitting there thinking “I wonder…?” Sound good?

Here’s what I’m wondering about this week:

What is the best way to transfer embroidery patterns to fabric (specifically dark fabrics and rough-textured fabrics like linen and felt)?