My First Apron

I wasn’t planning on posting this today, but I finally finished it all the way, so I just thought I’d share. I’ve actually had this apron 99% finished for about 3 months, but I finally got around to the last 1% last night. What was the last 1%, you might ask? My two least favorite tasks in any project: unpicking some basting stitches, and ironing the whole thing (does anyone else hate ironing as much as me?). Well, I’m glad I finally did it, because now I can wear it without thinking “someday I’ll really finish this.”

This isn’t really my first apron, but it is the first one that I sewed, and from a pattern no less.┬áIt’s from a Butterick pattern:

The fabric, the pattern, and the inspiration to just do it were all a birthday present from my sister (don’t laugh, for those of you who know when my birthday is). I’m so glad she gave this to me, because I really learned a lot about sewing, using patterns, and perseverance while doing this project.

I liked the flounced apron, but I wanted it to have a bib on top, so I spliced two of the pattern options together and came up with this:

Sorry, I don’t have a full length mirror, so I can’t model it for you.

It was also my first project using bias tape, and I made it myself. That was a fun little experiment, and I will definitely do it again if I ever have another project that calls for bias tape.

It’s not perfect, and up close it has lots of little things that I would fix, but I still love it. So much so, in fact, that I can hardly bring myself to use it. I just like looking at; it’s my favorite (only) piece of kitchen decor. And I will make myself wear it, eventually.

Do you have a project like this, that you love so much you hate to use it?