We’re here. We’re really here. It seems like a small miracle, and really, it is! Relocating to Galapagos takes a lot more work than I had initially thought. I had not thought it would be easy, but I had not anticipated it being quite this hard. The hardest part was being away from my sweet husband for 4 solid weeks. But now that it’s over, all I can feel is gratitude that it is over, and we are officially starting a new chapter in our lives. This island is beautiful. We moved here right at the tail end of the rainy season, which means everything is at its greenest and most lush. In many ways San Cristóbal is very different from the other two Galapagos Islands I visited with my husband three years ago, but there are also many similarities. The cactus trees, black volcanic rocks, and crystal blue water are all reassuringly familiar to me.

I’ll be sharing many, many pictures in the future. I didn’t want to photo bomb you with a picture of everything there is to see here, because (1) I haven’t seen it all yet, and (2) I’m going to be here for a while, so there’s no need to rush. We’re taking it slow right now. I think our average daily pace could be described as a mosey.

Yesterday during nap time I headed out to take a few pictures at Playa Mann, a beach that is literally a 2-minute walk from our (temporary) front door. It’s small, and lovely, and very peaceful.

Really, I’m just getting used to my new camera (more, perhaps, on that later), so these pictures aren’t anything stellar. I was standing a while just at the water’s edge, and one of the particularly big waves brought this little guy right up to my feet.

It startled me at first, since a charging sea lion can be trouble, but he was fun to watch and photograph, you know, after my heart started beating again.

We still have lots to do to get settled in, but I think we’re going to like it here. A lot.