A Year in the Making: The Color Book

Okay, you probably never thought this day would come. In fact, you probably forgot you were even waiting for this day to come. But here it is, the finished project that I mentioned working on way back here at the beginning of my blogging career:

This project originated from my desire to have some books for my baby girl that had Spanish and English in them. I might have already mentioned this, but we are trying to raise our child (soon to be plural) bilingual, despite the fact that I am woefully monolingual. So this was a great learning experience for me too. Anyways, instead going out and buying some Spanish books, I decided to make my own, thinking it was just a little project. Well, it quickly ballooned into a huge project, and here I am, a year later, just finishing it up. Here’s a look at all the pages:

The process for making the paste paper is found here, and I used the tutorials found here and here to put the book together.

I have no tutorial for the part in between making the paste paper and putting the finished pages together, but I can tell you that it was long and involved. First I made a list of items for each color (this was the hardest part sometimes; how many inherently purple things can you think of?). Then I sketched out each item, and traced them on the back of my paste paper (all the words had to be written backwards). Then, I cut every piece, right down to the tildes and dots on the “i”s, out of paste paper by hand (honestly, very time-consuming and hand-cramping work; I would love to try using one of these to make a book sometime). Then I used paste to glue down each of those little pieces, often fitting them together like a little puzzle (see the bear, chocolate, and turtle for examples of this). Oh, and I forgot to mention having my handsome husband help me translate the words. That was an important part, too, because you can’t trust Google translate 100% of the time.

Even though the whole thing took countless hours of work, in the end, the whole project was worth it. I love the end result, and so does my darling little one.

Because it’s kind of a priceless item, I can’t really let the little one look at it unsupervised, so I scanned each page and I’m planning on printing out some copies. I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing a copy. I’m not sure how exactly I would do it yet, so I don’t know the how much a copy would cost, but if you’re interested, leave a comment or e-mail me and I’ll get back to you with the details when I know them.

Well, I’m glad to have this project done, but really the only reason I had time to do it was because my new little one is taking longer to get here than I thought. I’ve gotten even more projects done while I wait, and I guess it’s good to keep busy, but I do hope she decides to come soon, because I’m starting to feel quite impatient to meet her.

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