I may have mentioned that we live in my wonderful grandparents’ basement. Well, they’ve been taking a little trip for a few weeks, so we’ve been trying to take care of things while they’ve been gone. One of the main things has been my grandpa’s garden.

He happens to be a master gardener, and it seems like he knows the answer to any question I could think of about plants (and pretty much every thing else). Well, I’m trying to keep things green and growing back there, but it hasn’t been easy. I’m really starting to appreciate how much work and love go into a healthy, thriving garden. Up at the top of my gardening tasks (besides waging war on the weeds) has been thinning out the carrot patch,

and trying to keep up with the burgeoning supply of snap peas.

Every morning it seems there are more growing than what I picked the day before.

I just hope I can keep it in good condition for when my grandpa gets back. I don’t want to let him down.

What about you? Are your summer gardens doing well? I’d lot to hear any great gardening tips.