Building Up My Sewing Confidence

Though my blog has been rather languid lately, my hands have not been idle. Besides adjusting to my new status as a mother of two, I have managed to whip out some small projects as well, and I’ll be playing catch up for a little while as I try to document them all (since I recently decided to make this blog more of a journal of my creations).

Here’s a project on the “Before Baby Comes” list that I actually completed before little S was born, and a pretty important one it was: infant size cloth diaper inserts.

Yes, I actually do cloth diapers. Why on earth? Well, it was all on a whim really. Abby from this cute blog was expecting a baby last year, and she had brought up the question about cloth diapering, specifically, using gDiapers. Well, I was intrigued (mostly because the picture of the baby wearing the diaper was just so cute). I looked at into it a bit, and decided that the disposable gDiaper liners would be too expensive, and the cloth inserts were pretty expensive too. Over time they would make up their value in the money we’d save from not buying diapers all the time.

I did a little searching around and figured that I could probably make the inserts for a fraction of the price of gCloth inserts, and since it would only be sewing rectangles, I figured that I could handle it. So I made a bunch for my 8-month old baby using my mom’s sewing machine. Flash forward a year, and I’m still going strong with the cloth diapers, but with a new baby on the way, I needed to make some inserts in newborn size. So I bought some more fabric, and cut it into rectangles, but it took a long time before I got around to sewing them on my own hand-me-down machine.

I finally got around to it one evening, and my sister who is currently lining with us got in on the fun too. Here’s the finished stack.

Sorry, no close-ups of my wonky stitching—I’m still getting the hang of this thing. But I will say that this project, simple and utilitarian as it was, did help me build my confidence to try some other projects. More to come on that later…